Barbara Catonio joined Omada to oversee the marketing of the company. She develops strategies and campaigns, innovating and impacting the market alongside our unique team. Her priority is to expand the brand presence and reach as the company grows in a fast pace.

This Brazilian professional has a large experience on top-notch and global companies with more than 15 years between leading marketing divisions, working hand-on on graphic designs, creations, arts, television production and video editing/graphic animation as well as a digital influencer. She moved in to Canada in 2018 and immediately started a role in an international real estate company, renewing their marketing and calling Omada’s attention in the process. In 2019 she joined our team for she also believes that the power of a strong team-based approach connects and engage client’s needs, leading all parties to success.

Barbara has a Bachelor on Social Communications from the Dom Bosco Catholic University in Brazil. She has always dedicated time for social causes with regular visits in hospitals, asylum and shelters. While in Brazil, she has combined her love for sports and involvement with social activities to found a not-for-profit project aimed at calling people’s attention to their own lives by promoting wellness events to stimulate a healthier lifestyle on the community.

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